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  • Do I need an appointment to come in?
    We are happy to schedule your visit with us at Todd Richard Jewelers and we also welcome walk-in's! Please let us know what works best for you and we'll be happy to accommodate you!
  • What is the repair process like?
    Our jeweler is always available to discuss repairs with you and go over the specific process of your repair. We can go over pricing, timelines and more. Please bring your piece in and we'd be happy to assist you from there!
  • Do you buy jewelry?
    Yes! We buy jewelry, coins, genuine silverware and more. Please stop by to inquire about the buying process.
  • How long does a custom piece of jewelry take to complete?
    Custom pieces normally take a span of a few weeks, sometimes months depending on the detail of the work. Please come in to discuss your dream piece and we can work together on timeline, pricing and more.
  • Do you offer jewelry cleaning?
    We offer jewelry cleaning, sonic and steaming, which does not include polishing - Clean and Polish are taken in as jobs and will need to be left with us so we can properly complete the polishing process.
  • What is the best way to care for my jewelry at home?
    Both silver and gold jewelry should be inspected regularly to make sure prongs are tight, clasps work correctly and no cracks or pulls have formed. Bring your jewelry into a jeweler every four to six months for a professional inspection; this could prevent a loss of a gemstone. Always polish your jewelry with a lint-free cloth after wearing to remove all oils and lotions that may have come in contact with your jewelry. Sterling Silver should be kept in a sealed plastic bag to prevent tarnishing. Never use toothpaste or bleach to clean your jewelry. Toothpaste is an abrasive which scratches all precious metals and gets stuck under prongs and in the design. Bleach is extremely corrosive on many metals, making the jewelry porous over time and prone to breaking.
  • What is the difference between white gold and yellow gold?
    When gold comes out of the ground it is yellow. In order to get white gold or rose gold, alloys are added to change the color. You can be allergic to one color gold over another because of the different alloys used to make different colors.
  • Can I change my own watch battery at home?
    Although it is possible for someone to change their own watch battery, it is best to leave it up to the professionals. There are extremely fragile parts inside a watch and without the proper tools an inexperienced person can permanently damage the mechanism. Also, each watch can take a different battery, most of which we have on hand and can change in just a few minutes.
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